Rent Self Storage, Portable Storage or Storage Building Security

Do you Rent Self Storage, Portable Storage or Storage Building?  Security should be your number one factor in choosing the right facility.  Does the facility offer special locks? Does it have security cameras? Is it fenced in?  Does it have adequate lighting? All these questions should be on your mind. Today we will talk about locks.

Guardian cylinder locks offer a great defense from storage unit theft.  The lock sets close to the door latch and locks from the inside.  Most facilities offer this lock free with rental as long as returned when finished with rental. A deposit may be required.

Guardian Cylinder Lock

best lock

Guardian Lock in door latch



Another lock that works great are Chateau Self Storage Disc locks. Exclusively for self storage these locks can be purchased from most facilities at different prices.    

Chateau Disc Lock


Preventing the ole snip and grab these two locks are your best bet to secure your self storage locker.


This next lock design is not a good choice for storing your contents at the most secure facility.  The only lock of this design that might be ok is if the shank of the lock was massive enough not to be cut easily.  Why risk it? 

Regular Pad Lock



Deter criminals invest in a lock that can’t be easily cut off.  Would you say spending $15-$20 on a lock to secure your contents be worth preventing the loss of what you are storing?

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