Estimate the storage space you need

When estimating the storage space you need before you are moving.  Many of us wait to the last minute when it comes to moving.  It can be a long tiresome ordeal, but with the right planning it can be less stressful.  Planning is the key and if possible TIME… that’s right if you give yourself more time to pack your belongings it will make your move a lot easier.  Visit our Size Estimator web page to get ideas on storage unit sizes & 16′ portable containers compared to moving vans and cargo trailers.

10014542_615825721820474_7170431125056712767_n 16′ Portable Storage and Moving Container

inside 5 by 10, 10 by 10 (picture), 10 by 15 or 10 by 20 all steel Self Storage Units

storage trailer 7 by 16′ Cargo Trailer

We can help make things easier for you and your family when trying to find the right storage solution.  Just give us a call 618-724-9238

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